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Yob Tobor: Baby HYM

Yob Tobor is the bastard spawn of Aeon and Goddinpotty, created through an unlawful union. As a result, Yob became the property of BioPhlemix to be developed and raised by the empire and subjected to rigorous education and testing to see how the young spawn would serve the empire.

Fortunately, due to this unique hybrid between Aeon and Archon energies, Yob had an incredible and almost divine level of intelligence that created a superior intellect, even by BioPhlemix standards.

This super-genius aptitude combined with divine sensibilities catapulted Yob to the most prestigious division of the BioPhlemix Bio-Engineering department, where Yob would learn to create and seed new worlds for the empire, skyrocketing through the program, to the head of the entire Bio-Engineering division where he became known as Dr. HYM.


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