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Tera 5 World Map

The world formed by Dr. HYM’s experimental Hallucination Engine using Oppenheimer’s imagination as part of a radical quest to break away from the Master Code, seeding new worlds at the speed of thought and imagination.

Tera 5 began with Carnival City, aka BonkaDonka, and all of its indigenous SciFiDelic Clowns created to enjoy the many spoils, including wild carnival contraptions, roller-coaster rides, and other midway attractions, including BoomBoom Avenue.

Oppenheimer continued to create sprawling out into the SciFiDelic Forests of SciFiDelica and the Magical Castle Lands of Wazzoolu where The Grand Wazzoo and the world-builders G-Nomes reside.

Hovering high above the Peppermint Rainbows of Tera 5, Dr. HYM’s laboratory looms where all the magic and distortion happens.


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