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Series 01: The Great Escape

Luna double-crosses Dr. HYM helping his son, Oppenheimer, escape his Space-station laboratories by hallucinating himself as a SciFiMime called Minkles on Tera 5.

Minkles plunges himself into his creation where he finds himself falling into the wrong hands, working for nefarious forces once again.

Due to his sweet and caring nature, Minkles is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He is forced to use his superior intellect to build the infrastructure for the Disgustoid BONK industry resulting in the Mime genocide.

Minkles falls in love with the SciFiMime Elavorian, which ultimately changes his trajectory on a collision course with the Cartel, The Order of the Octa-Mind and ultimately, his father.

Meanwhile, Dr. HYM discovers his son’s escape act. He deploys his robot regime to find Minkles and return him to his rightful place by any means necessary. The events that unfold as a result of epic saga pitting father versus son; clown versus robot, in the ultimate struggle for freedom in the face of tyranny and total control.