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Order of the Octa-Mind: Dr. HYM's Robot Regime

To reset the course of the initial Genesis Events with the Hallucination Engine, Dr. HYM hijacks Oppenheimer’s mind to install his Order of the Octa-Mind to establish a totalitarian technocracy on Tera 5.

This robotic regime is run by a collection of cybernetic and robotic beings responsible for carrying out the implementation of Dr. HYM’s vision of total control.

To implement his plan, Dr. HYM creates a high council consisting of Xion, Minister of Science and technology to create the infrastructure; the Minister of Surveillance, Surveyo, to record, catalog and monitor all indigenous and robotic entities on Tera 5; the Master Key Mensurae to operate the Master Clock and the Chancellor, Mega-Ming, who is the Chairman of the Order.

To complete the counsel, Xion assimilates a SciFidelica — Cyclone — to act as an infiltration agent and HammerDom, a G-Nome to oversee the construction of Octa-Primus and its expanding infrastructure.

This rounds out the Order of 8, including Dr. HYM who acts as the silent Grand Master.


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