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Octarbors: Octopi trees of the SciFidelica

The animated Octopi trees of SciFiDelica originally hallucinated by The Source, during initial Genesis Events with the Hallucination Engine.

Octarbors live and thrive throughout the SciFiDelica. They have snarling, twisted roots, and moveable, tentacle tree-branch arms that can grab and playfully throw creatures, tossing them back and forth as if playing catch with a ball.

Octarbors produce Gnar Gnar fruit which is a local favorite for indigenous creatures of SciFidelica. The Gnar Gnar fruits produce a highly intoxicating liquid that puts any creature into a ridiculous, overly-exuberant, drunken state, making them highly popular and super important to the overall ecosystem.

Octarbors also have a large eyeball in the middle of their trunks that are said to be the vision of The Source, allowing it to watch all of its creatures. These giant eyes are constantly on the watchful lookout over the SciFiDelica, which gives the Octarbor’s even more mystical powers.


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