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Octa-Primus: Robot City

After the initial Genesis Events of the Hallucination Engine, Dr. HYM assumes command of his invention by implementing his world-building program, which brings forth the Order of the Octa-Mind.

The Order of the Octa-Mind is Dr. HYM’s robot regime that incorporates Octa-Mind-Control Technology to build a collective consciousness that Dr. HYM could easily manage and control.

To complete this vision of a perfect world, Dr. HYM turned his son’s beloved BonkaDonka into a technological nightmare where rides are assimilated to drive the machines of industry, including the Robot Factories of Robotica, the Master Clock, The Funhouse Laboratories, Prima-Octa, and other draconian machines, while conveniently discarding the rest producing mountains of carnival junk outside the city limits.


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