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Master Clock: The Central Control Tower

The first order of business in Dr. HYM’s brave new world is to introduce the concept of time since time was virtually non-existent during the initial Genesis Events on Tera 5. Oppenheimer’s mind is very childlike and therefore didn’t consider the restraints of establishing law and order, nor did he find any practical need or use of it.

Unfortunately, for all of the indigenous life-forms generated and created by The Source, Dr. HYM considered time to be a critical component to establishing law and order in this unruly and chaotic world. So the Master Clock was created directly in the heart of Octa-Primus as the highest tower in the middle of the city.

This focal point would act as the beacon for the new robot age of law and order. The Master Clock would control and monitor all of the robot factories of Robotica and other machines, which made it the central source of control for the Order.


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