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The quintessential rocker of the League, Knuckles is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with a raw and unabated approach to grip it and rip it with no fucks given. One of the original members, Knuckles started off playing a make-shift percussion set comprised of various drums and noise makers to compliment Gil’s thunderous rhythms. Knuckles quickly branched out, playing keys, blowing the trombone, and laying down supporting lead vocals when required.

Eventually, Knuckles brought his signature heavy 7-string Ibanez guitar to the equation, where he would remain for many years. Amidst the many gifts brought to the League, Knuckles also contributed to the songwriting, co-writing lyrics on The Fucking Wizard, providing the melody and riffs for Bentleys on Blocks, and writing the music for Ad Nauseaum.


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Ray and Stan

Strange Creatures Book II

Jesus in Clown Shoes

Captain Plastic

Jimmy Scratchimecock

King of the Krapper

Horrible Day at the Midway

Epic Tale of 2

Sub Genius

Love Demon

What you know about that?

Captain Tomorrow

Rust Within

Robot Rape

Greedy G-Nomes

Space Husband Robot Boy

Prelude to the Gold


Calling all Ghouls

Here comes the cops!


JJ Skewers


Snake Oil

Fishing Man

Naked Machine

JJ Skewers

IV Alien

Fishing Man

Hey Guy!

Nero Cover Live

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