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Interceptors: BioPhlemix Starships

Interceptors are the patrolling starships of the BioPhlemix Empire. They are responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the known BioPhlemix-controlled universe.

Interceptors, like K9 Interceptor, are staffed with commanding officers like Agent Dryak, as well as, Mission Controllers, Enord Mecha; Core of Engineers Alsetalokin, and Combat forces NAHK Sihgneg, working together as a single cohesive unit to patrol and police any unauthorized travel or acts of insubordination.

Interceptors are armed with high-powered tractor beams to capture spacecraft where the craft is boarded by combat troops to secure the vessel and its crew before inspections.

There the Commander orders Mission Control to have engineers scan lifeforms for genetic identification, and if need be, Interrogator Units to scan subjects BioFilm for additional information.


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