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HammerDom: Cyborg G-Nome

XION assimilated HammerDom as the leader of the new Cyborg G-Nome army to serve the Order.

As the key lieutenant of Industry and Labor, HammerDom serves as a member for the Order of the Octa-Mind responsible for the construction of Robotica, Master Clock and other strategic facilities.

Much like his cyborg comrade Cyclone, HammerDom was specifically selected for assimilation based on his demonstrated leadership amongst the G-Nomes.

HammerDom was the first of his kind assimilated into the regime but is certainly not the last. Although he serves the Order of the Octa-Mind,

HammerDom is far from being considered one of the Robots, which stirs up conflict and resentment within the Order, especially with the likes of Mutant Metal.


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