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Grinders: Carnival War Machines

As the empire of the Disgustoids expanded, Minkles was given the responsibility of constructing an army for the Cartel through any means necessary. Leveraging his mechanical expertise, Minkles ingeniously crafted a formidable force of carnival-themed war machines, using scavenged components from the vast heaps of junk in the Carnival Junkyard. These extraordinary amalgamations, reminiscent of Frankenstein’s creations, were designed to bring death and destruction to their foes.

Similar to their Disgustoid masters, the Grinders relied on BONK as their lifeblood, providing the vital energy to set their mechanical parts into motion.

Equipped with menacing metal claw hands, the Grinders possessed the ability to ensnare unsuspecting victims, forcibly drawing them towards the colossal fan blades situated at the center of their chests. In a gruesome spectacle reminiscent of a blender, these hapless enemies would be mercilessly pulverized and shredded.


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