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Goddinpotty: Archon Aliens

Archons are one of the original dark energies of the universe, described as synthetic creatures that consume positive natural energies and life forms.

Over time, they were conquered and enslaved by the BioPhlemix Empire, which utilized them to control the progress of more advanced civilizations, ensuring they never exceeded a certain threshold in their development and growth. Essentially, Archons are the counterbalance to life energy..

One particular Archon, Goddinpotty, succeeded in seducing Aeon, a Space Angel. The Space Angels are another of the original forces in the universe responsible for spreading the divine Master Code to new worlds. They represent a life-affirming, divine energy that stands in opposition to the synthetic, dark energies of the Archons. .

The relationship between Goddinpotty and Aeon produced a quantum leap in intergalactic evolution with the birth of Yob Tobor, who would eventually become the infamous Dr. HYM.


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