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G-Nomes: World Builders of Tera 5

On Tera 5, the G-Nomes are the masterminds behind the creation of hallucinations. By smoking their unicorn pipes filled with unicorn dust, they can tap into The Source and bring to life the visions generated by the Hallucination Engine, constructing incredible structures and installations.

Life on Tera 5 is unpredictable and tumultuous, so G-Nomes are always busy constructing, repairing, and rebuilding damaged structures. Additionally, they are responsible for erecting various structures and installations across the Magic Castle Lands, serving the Grand Wazoo’s interests. This includes the impressive Grand Hall at the heart of the Magic Castle Lands.

Despite their hardworking and dependable nature, G-Nomes have a reputation for playing hard too. They are known to be mischievous tricksters who possess an insatiable greed for worldly possessions, often deceiving creatures into giving up their treasures.


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