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Fat Cannibal - Re-animated Taf Tellub

The Octa-Virus has spread to both the living and the dead, resulting in the reanimation of Taf Tellub’s corpse into a fearsome zombie known as Tafanical. The undead creature now feasts upon the clowns of Octa-Primus, much to the delight of the Order of the Octa-Minds. While the Order did not originally plan on reanimating the deceased, this unintended consequence has proven to be a stroke of luck for their cause. They have gained control over an entire legion of indestructible zombie hordes, which they can now wield against the clown rebels..


#Octa-Mind #supergeekleague #TafTellub #PeppermintRainbows #Order-of-the-Octa-Mind #Octa-Virus #FatCannibal

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Fat Cannibal

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