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Dr. HYM's Lab: BioPhlemix Space Station Laboratories

As the head of BioPhlemix Bio-Engineering Research and Development, Dr. HYM commands his space station. Here, he is free to conduct experimental research and development on new and innovative ways to create subordinate lifeforms for the empire, using the Master Code.

Dr. HYM has the highest security clearance to conduct his work and uses the full arsenal of the empire to carry out his tests and radical developments. Due to the nature of his work, Dr. HYM runs the entire space station using his artificial intelligence assistant, Luna, to manage the operations and maintenance, allowing Dr. HYM to focus on his work.

The space station has full defensive capabilities including EMP, tractor beams, and cloaking technologies, in addition to hosting the most powerful technology in the universe, The Hallucination Engine, itself.


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