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Cybergooligans - Cyborg Fire Squad

The Order of the Octa-Mind deployed cyborg android combatants to quash the Clown revolution within Octa-Primus during the Hallucination Wars. These new combatants, known as CyberGooligans, are a significant upgrade from their predecessors, the Enforcers, who were made of metal and gears and suffered heavy losses at the hands of Master Crash’s legions of Clowns and carnival war machines. The CyberGooligans are impervious to confetti storms, glitter bombs, and the powerful blasts of BONK, which are typical weapons used by Clown combatants. In addition to their resilience, the CyberGooligans are also incredibly agile and athletic, able to discharge bursts of radioactive flamers from their hands to liquefy enemies. As a result, they pose a formidable threat to Master Crash’s forces..


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