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“Wild. Bizarre. Hypnotic and Epic as fuck!”

Super Geek League’s original CRASH! Production is a fully immersive touring live show featuring solo performances of world-class circus acts performing as original SGL characters to open the show followed by the full-scale cirque du punk assault on and off-stage accompanied by the live musical ensemble.

CRASH! is catered for indoor venues which starts with a welcoming party featuring SGL characters interacting and engaging patrons as they enter the venue handing out balloons and other party favors, posing for pictures, and generally getting the crowd amped for the show.

Then the patrons are treated to an hour-long circus sideshow production featuring our world-class circus acts in a 3-ring style format. Then the main event features the full ensemble of characters accompanied by the bombastic original song tracks for each character performed by the SGL live band breaking the 4th wall barrier between audience and performer in a full-out assault of the senses!


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JJ Skewers

IV Alien

Horrible Day at the Midway

Ray and Stan

Captain Plastic

Jimmy Scratchimcock

Captain Tomorrow

Epic Tale of 2

Love Demon

Robot Rape

Space Husband Robot Boy

Naked Machine

Hey Guy!

Fishing Man

Snake Oil

Calling all Ghouls


IV Alien

Wiggly Giggly

An Elevator into Space

Just Write Brain

Up up and away!

Wonky Circus Wheel

We are Ventrilidroids

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