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Crackopillars: Carnivorous Slugs

The Crackopillars are a unique species on Tera 5 that undergo an evolutionary cycle. They are carnivorous slugs that feed on G-Nomes to construct a cocoon for their metamorphosis. The origin of these creatures is said to be a result of Oppenheimer’s hallucination during an unfortunate bad trip.

To lure their prey, Crackopillars sing charming and cuddly lullabies that draw G-Nomes closer to them. Once the G-Nomes are within reach, the Crackopillars use their powerful jaws to bite into their flesh and release a potent neurotoxin from their mouth. This toxin paralyzes their prey, allowing them to construct a cocoon around the G-Nome’s body, where they hibernate for their next stage of metamorphosis.

The Crackopillars are primarily found in the SciFiDelic Forests and Wazzoolu lands, where their haunting lullabies can be heard echoing through the trees as they search for their next meal.


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