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Clownfetti - Confetti Robot

Master Crash, struggling to gain an edge in the ongoing Hallucination Wars, developed a new weapon to add to his formidable arsenal: a robotic cannon that sprayed both confetti and glitter. This weapon was designed to counter the robot and cyborg forces of the Order of the Octa-Mind. The confetti and glitter cannon, named “Confetti,” was particularly effective against the Order’s robots, which frequently became jammed or short-circuited upon being hit by the colorful debris. This allowed other forces to easily maneuver and destroy them. During the Buskerdoozie and CRASH! invasion of planet Earth, the robotic confetti and glitter cannon, affectionately known as “Clownfetti,” was deployed as part of the SciFiDelic Action Adventure Circus. As the circus traveled on, Clownfetti showered unsuspecting crowds with plumes of confetti, further spreading chaos and confusion. .


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