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Series 01 - Episode 06: Carnival of Carnage

The Beautiful and elusive SciFiMime, Elavorian, follows a herd of prisoner Mimes to the Disgustoid’s 3-Rings of Death and the Carnival of Carnage where she is captured by the Disgustoids and thrown into a cage of EVoMimes. The EvoMimes and Elavorian are forced into the 3-Rings of Death to face the Mighty Cholf. Minkles is completely hypnotized by this beautiful Mime who is about to meet her unfortunate demise. Can the EvoMimes and Elavorian pull off the unthinkable and escape?


#HallucinationEngine #DisgustoidsCartel #Cholf #Minkles #Disgustoids #Grinders #CarnivalOfCarnage #Elavorian #EvoMimes #ThreeRingsOfDeath #Evaporators #WebSeries

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