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Bouncy Houses: BoomBoom Avenue clown trap

Clowns love to bounce in bouncy houses, therefore these contraptions can be found in the alleys and corridors throughout BoomBoom Avenue where clowns go as part of the Clown Down Experience.

However, these particular bouncy houses are a bit different. They are a trap designed to capture bouncing clowns with a giant robot metal claw that comes down. The claw grabs the clown and loads them into a cannon, set up directly behind the bouncy house.

The clown is then shot out of a cannon across the avenue into the ball pits at the BONK Factory in the heart of Apocalypsis. The clowns, of course, think this is just a big fun ride, and so they go along with it, never considering that they are being rounded up and harvested like cattle to the slaughterhouse.


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