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BoomBoom Avenue: Electric Funlands of Bonkadonka

BoomBoom Avenue is located at the fringes of Bonkadonka where clowns go to Clown Down. Much like Las Vegas for twisted alien clowns, BoomBoom Avenue is a colorful, scifidelic, swirling network of pie-throwing factories, balloon twist saloons, bouncy houses, and other midways attractions. These are catered and engineered to entertain the clowns of Bonkadonka.

BoomBoom Avenue runs directly into Apocalypsis, which makes it an ideal vantage point for the Disgustoid Cartel to abduct clowns to harvest BONK. BoomBoom Avenue was founded by Minkles on behalf of the Cartel as part of his ingenious industrialization of BONK.

BoomBoom Avenue became the place where the Cartel freely and openly trap clowns, using the various Clown Down fronts as a set-up. These fronts were merely part of the Clown Down experience and—since clowns didn’t seem to mind—it became a somewhat twisted, symbolic relationship.


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