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Aquaneers - Aquamantis Pirates

Hailing from the planet Aquamantis, the Aquaneers are the rogue space pirates sailing the heavy water seas that cover the entire planet hunting Smartians to harvest pituitary glands for Dr. HYM’s Hallucination Engine.

Aquamantis is an aquatic planet covered entirely in Heavy Water which would account for the heavier and more dense composition of the water that covers the entire planet. Aquaneers sail massive barges that cut through these heavy waters as the ultimate mariners of the Aquamantis seas.

Aquaneers were granted immunity from the BioCom Empire as a result of their dealings with Dr. HYM. The Aquaneers exchanged their freedom in return for producing fresh batches of Pearls for Dr. HYM’s Hallucination Engine by aggressively hunting and harvesting Smartian Pearls. Due to the high demand of Pearls, business is good for the Aquaneers.


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