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Alienpede - Shapeshifter

This strange and elusive creature can be seen periodically roaming throughout
Wazzoolu. Said to be a rogue hallucination from the source during one of his
low alpha dream sequence, the AlienPede is an extremely elusive and very mysterious creature.

Known as a shapeshifter, the AlienPede has the ability to change shapes of any life form as a type of adaptive camouflage. AlienPede’s are known to imitateUnicorns as one of their favorite creatures to shape shift. This allows the AlienPede to move freely throughout the Wazzoolu and SciFiDelica forests without incident.

AlienPede’s are known to hijack the ghost of a particular organism in order to fully adopt their likeness which makes them predatory in nature. AlienPede’s are a rare occurrence but if you see one, best to avoid for they could be looking to feed on your ghost so they can imitate you.


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