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Aeon: Space Angel Mother

Aeon, the mother of Yob Tobor, was the result of an illicit affair with an Archon Goddinpotty, which was a direct violation of the BioPhlemix eugenics code. As a consequence, Aeon lost her wings and was permanently grounded.

Since all unauthorized reproduction was considered property of the empire, Yob Tobor was claimed by the state and earmarked for development as a state asset. Despite feeling humiliated and shattered, Aeon dutifully served her sentence by supporting the growth of her son under the tutelage and guidance of the empire.

Driven by her pure love for her son, Aeon willingly and obediently served her sentence, despite her agony and anger. She remained committed to serving the empire’s interests, no matter the price, in order to safeguard her most prized possession.


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