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Explore Super Geek League and our Multiverse, Discography and Web Series.

The History Of The Weird

Super Geek League is an original Action Adventure Punk Rock Circus that started way back in 2001 when founder and creator, Commander Tomorrow, solicited some friends with a questionnaire to create a superhero or supervillain. The questionnaire bio where then produced into character renderings and music song tracks

The final package included a CD inlay with each fully rendered character complete with their bio to accompany the soundtrack of each theme song. Hence, this was the birth of the Super Geek League.

After this experiment, Commander Tomorrow began to write the mythology and backstory called; "The History of the Weird", which featured the Hallucination Engine. This mythology would provide the general operating paradigm for all SGL productions and live shows moving forward for the next two decades.

After many wild adventures, Commander Tomorrow wrote and produced the Hallucination Engine Live Stage Show, which debuted in early 2017. AIG and LiveNation invited SGL to showcase in NYC in May of 2017.

Unable to find a safe and reliable effect to blow up a unicorn on stage, Commander Tomorrow turned the Epic Saga into a Graphic Novel Experience called Hallucination Engine featuring the original characters and soundtracks from the SGL live experience in a whole new story-telling format.

Now, we set our sites on expanding the Multiverse with our first official NFT collection (coming soon) featuring the World-Builders of Tera 5. G-Nomes, which will finance the continued development of the Hallucination Engine web series, 3D animated series, and eventually the interactive TeraVerse.

Come along and join the throngs, for the Circus is always hiring!