Live Review: Indie Week 2011

Super Geek League
Velvet Underground, Fri Oct 14

It takes a lot of guts to full on rock out in a skin tight vinyl one piece backed by a slew of Lady Gaga-esque dancers and space odyssey multi-instrumentalist Oompa Loompas - but that is exactly what Seattle’s Super Geek League brought to Velvet. The self-proclaimed soul metal band is comprised of nine members who each demand attention and cascade energy across the platform from in-your-face bass to a slew of eclectic influences. They’re so captivating you can't look away. Trust me, I tried, but the stage show was so full of surprises I almost let the ice in my empty J&C melt into oblivion. Not entirely hellbent on the music, but the performance alone is worth it and the songs are decently catchy. This band is unlike anything we’ve seen before. They tend to trek up here for music festivals, so keep your eye out and bring a camera!